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DRAFT Horizon2040 Long Range Transportation Plan
DRAFT Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Transportation Plan
DRAFT GPATS 2018-2023 TIP – AC1 Financial Statement

DRAFT Horizon2040 Plan Up For Viewing!

We are pleased to announce that the DRAFT Horizon2040 Plan is up for your viewing! The document is subject to change. Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far. Your input throughout this process has been vital! Please direct any questions or comments to Brennan Hansley, Transportation Planner, at (864) 467-7270 or email her at

Greenlink’s Proposed Route Changes – See them now!

The Greenville Transit Authority (GTA) recently shared the results of the Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) study of the Greenlink transit system at an open house on August 24. However, implementation of any changes will require further public meetings. As a result, Greenlink is hosting 16 drop-in style meetings during the months of October and November to provide you the opportunity to learn about the proposed changes and provide input! See the proposed route changes here!
These changes will:

  • Increase bi-directional route miles (when a bus services both sides of the road rather than traveling loop routes) by 62.9%
  • Increase opportunities to transfer between routes outside of the downtown Transit Center by 50%
  • Offer more efficient, reliable and dependent service to 98% of Greenlink’s existing customers

See this flyer to get the complete list of meetings coming up and make sure Greenlink receives your valuable input! If you cannot make any of the meetings, you can provide feedback by email at or by phone at (864) 298-2756 until November 22.

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